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Reach 210 Pastors and congregations!

There is a $50 Listing donation minimum per Business once your submission is approved. 

Our event platforms reach and highlight statewide leadership within the faith community. We use both a combination of print and digital marketing to reach our audiences, engaging over 210 churches in Michigan and surrounding areas.

Monthly, our City Transformation Events directly connect churches to local needs identified by city leadership and reach 210 congregations. Annually, we have an SOTC (State of the City) Multiply Conference in the winter, seven monthly City Impact Forums in spring through summer, and a SOTC Community Faith Dinner in the fall. Contact us about opportunities for advertising.

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Girl in a City

Support by Missions

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Reach untapped 158,000 lives and city resources!

The next generation of city transformers are youth ages 13 to 23 to connect with our YOGL program as local missionaries.


Imagine if the youth of the city were proactively seeking, praying for, and serving the needs of our communities. With COGL's professional resources and experience, our goal is to equip youth with job skills and opportunities related with local missionary work that will be celebrated by city leadership.