With Hope,

Faith, and

a Future.

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The #Transform517 Campaign

We believe that we can transform our cities in the 517 area code to have a culture of hope, faith, and a future! We are campaigning to influence residents to pause for moments of prayer and to share good works. With this campaign, you will be encouraged and reminded to do two things: #PausePray and #ShareGood. As you join, you will pray for and share: your own hopes and needs with others, the wellbeing and faith for others, and impact the future of the 517 area!

EST. 01.01.21

Step #1 Hope:  Let us pray for you and meet your needs. You are an essential part of our city! Please share your spiritual and/or practical needs in the request form below - so we can support you in faith.



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Support Group Session




As we look ahead, we believe we will see transformation within our cities. Get active in our campaign goals for prayer by getting your apparel & get involved to impact the future of our cities!

Prayer Team

Assist with prayer requests by joining our multi-church prayer team. We're praying monthly for residents to be transformed in practical and spiritual ways.

outreach events

RSVP & Check out the events where people are uniting to pray and serve with each other and for hope for our communities. You can #transform517. We have 1 or more events monthly.


Invite us to come facilitate or organize a prayer for unity at your organization and get others involved to pray and share good news! Help our message reach 100 groups.

Social selfies

Share a prayer or an act of kindness on your social media to encourage others to #pausePRAY #shareGood, and #Transform517. Commit to being one of 100+ people to shift our culture!

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join the # movement

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