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leadership coaching

Contact us to learn about our leadership coaches, certification training, and coaching services available to help you move forward in your missions! We are working with our partners Ministry Coaching M.D. and CBMC (Christian Business Men Connection) to find you the best support!

Our Certified Coaches

Basic Leadership Coaching is available (with the1st hour complimentary for members of our app) where the rate is $30+/hour or more based on our coaches' individual rate. There are multiple coach options to book with different industries and styles in our list below!

Lhauren Singleton

Lori Bolan

Pamela Leek

Beverly Maier

Dalene Peel

Sheila Wilson

Wendy Waterson

Laura McMurtry

DeAnn Eddy

Holly Wicker

Deanne Moore

Marvin Cato

Brent Chapman

Joe Spadafore

Kevin Wyatt

Kamille Butler

Jacqueline Dominguez

Rex Alocilja

Ron Burns

Len LaCourse

David Simpson

Denise Rassel-Daigneault

Coaching Certificate 2019 - brian.jpg
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