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Unity Begins with You

Uniting Services of the Faith Community with the Researched Needs of our Cities

     Today, our local community also benefits from the collective efforts of over 700 ministries in the Lansing Area. However, many acts of charity do not meet the needs of community issues due to lack of awareness or collaboration with researchers. This is why after 10 years of building relationships between communities, we are now aligning organizations with local needs, quantifying their impact, and sharing their stories to encourage others to serve locally.


     We are honored to have you as part of our local community of transformation. We hope you will join us in one of three opportunities to support the production of Greater Lansing's Annual Community Faith Guide. This guide will uniquely show needs within the seven areas of economics that influence city growth.  This guide is key for prepping our communities to serve annually by identifying data of needs and centralizing access to services.

-Adam Williams, Executive Director








CITY DEPARTMENTS AND LOCAL PARTNERS can contribute to the guide by providing data, metrics, and research of the status of the Greater Lansing Area.

Outcome: You will assist missions to identify and meet some evidence-based needs of our cities for the year.


Faith Community members can contribute their outcomes of how they are serving community needs.

Outcome: You will help provide resources for others and help our city recognize local ministries for their impact of local needs.

Business Advertising

We have a directory of faith-friendly business which are entities that do not exclude serving nor persecute individuals of the Christian community. Whether a business, organization, or an individual, you can include your ad images or call-to-actions in our directory.


Your listing or ad will be included in annual Publication which can reach over 90k people of our network!

Community Sponsors

Whether a business, organization, or an individual, you can invest in this key tool that helps your community directly connect missions with annual researched needs within your *industry of choice.


The outcome of your sponsorship will help directly reallocate the services of local missions to help serve residents throughout the Greater Lansing Area!

*each industry is within the seven areas of a healthy economy.